The Bells of Little Cornard: Dec 2017

The Bells of Little Cornard: Dec 2017

The restoration of the bells of Little Cornard Church began in 2014. Starting with a service of Commemoration and Reconciliation for the centenary anniversary of the beginning of the First World War.

In 2014, we set ourselves a target of having the Bells of Little Cornard Church ringing again by Armistice Day 2018.

All the money needed for the restoration has now been donated or raised. The Bells have been removed from the tower and have been moved to John Taylor of Loughborough for repair and overhaul.

It now seems totally unreal that work has now started, a dream come true. We hope all the preparation work required before the bells can be rehung will be completed before Christmas.

The work to be done includes:

  • Moving the font from under the tower and placed in its new position by the door.
  • Removing the pews at the back of the church, and 5 portable pews made out of them.
  • Laying a new floor using black and red tiles to match the existing Victorian floor.
  • Fitting a new ceiling and floor in the tower and repairing some of the tower that is damaged.

The casting of the new Treble Bell will take place on the 1st February, 2018. We will be updating as each repair or restoration is completed.

Please visit our Bells of Little Cornard page here, where we post videos and photographs of the restoration journey. 

If you would like more information, contact me, Robert Mackman, by e-mail: or tel: 01787 228077.